Hello everyone! As of today, we have created a brand new page to our website, which is the blog page of which you are on right now. On this page we will share updates on games and their development, updates to our games, social media, etc., and many other things that are relevant for this page. To stay up to date on updates we provide, we recommend subscribing to our website. To subscribe you can scroll down on this page, or subscribe on the home page. To provide information about our current games right now for this blog, the developer is currently working on version 1.4.1 for Not Our Home, and we are very close to having Not Our Home: Platinum Edition reach the beta stages. The 1.4.1 update for Not Our Home will contain bug fixes, optimizations, etc., that you can find in platinum edition. And that about sums up what we have for this update. We will try to post as much as possible, and hope to provide updates every few days. - Network5 Games
Hi everyone! This has been a crazy week for Not Our Home: Platinum Edition! As some of you may know, Platinum Edition was sent to testers exactly one week ago. During this time period we found many bugs and the build did not meet our expectations on how stable it really was, which is normal in a beta. Every issue we have found was eventually fixed but there are some aspects of the game we are going to be changing. These changes will also be applied to the free version. The changes we will be making are changes that has been highly requested by our players. We hope to release the second beta of Platinum Edition next weekend and we plan to release the v1.4.2 update of the free version hopefully later on this month. On our social media’s we have also shown the icon for Platinum Edition! Check it out on our Instagram or Twitter! We have also shared out that Platinum Edition should release this April, and we are extremely excited about that! We have been very steady with this release so far, and we want to release a game that you will be very happy to play with. - Network5 Games
Greetings everyone from the Network5 team! Yesterday we made an announcement of the release of the 1.4.1 update for Not Our Home! This update contained many fixes and improvements to allow players to have a better experience within the game. When it comes to platinum edition however, we believe it is safe to say that the game is about 75% done and should receive a beta build either next weekend or within the first week of March! Platinum edition has most of its minor features complete, and the final 25% of the game is other improvements along with a few major aspects to the game. When platinum edition goes into beta we will begin working on a trailer for the game as well, so stay tuned for that! That about sums up today’s update. Expect a new update soon! - Network5 Games
Hello everyone! Before we get into updates, I just want to say that I hope everyone is safe and healthy in their homes. A few days ago we released v1.4.2 for Not Our Home, and we also released the second beta for Platinum Edition as well! The second beta was a little unstable in some parts, but it was definitely much better than the first beta. Currently we are working on v1.4.3 for the original version which will contain many improvements and a few fixes, and the third beta should release very soon for Platinum Edition. Currently we believe that the third beta will be the last beta given to testers as the third beta seems to be very stable, but only time will tell. v1.4.3 will be the last update to the original version until Platinum Edition releases. We will keep you all updated on what happens with both of these versions. - Network5 Games
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